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I have long lived by the maxim that exercise solves everything. It sharpens the mind, enhances productivity, clears a rotten headache, sparks winning ideas, dulls stress…the list is endless. But more than anything, sport gives women the wonderful, rare opportunity to be themselves.

The Women’s Sport Trust is protecting this. It is not only investing financially in athlete’s career development but it is pushing the media to showcase the female role models that will make the girl in the playground wonder what would happen if she picked up a tennis racket or a rugby ball.

Because no matter what the average male sports editor insists, there is an undeniable public appetite for women’s sport coverage, and the Women’s Sport Trust is going to show it.

I was very proud to be a Trustee Board Member for The Women’s Sport Trust (WST), a grant giving body dedicated to raising the profile and changing the perception of women’s sport in the UK. Sadly, I had to step down after one year in the role, in 2014, when I moved to Abu Dhabi, but I remain a staunch supporter!

Olympic gold medallist and mum-to-be Anna Watkins is a WST patron. In 2013 I sat down with baby-bumped Watkins for Telegraph Online, to talk about how the WST is boosting participation in women’s sport, how female insecurities meant she ended up with a bronze medal in Beijing and why having a baby is not necessarily a reason not to go to Rio.

Anna Watkins

“When I think about how women’s sport is seen”, Anna Watkins’ gambit goes, “there is this amazing sparkly icing. What we need is some cake underneath.”

If you would like to get involved as a patron, grants board member, media ally, or simply want to know how to apply for a grant as an athlete or sports coach, then please visit www.womenssporttrust.com

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